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Cobber is a Victorian-based, wire manufacturing company offering innovative products for erosion control and industrial landscaping industries. Cobber’s aim is to manufacture superior quality steel products and materials at an affordable price, enabling our clients to finish work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our mantra is to produce high-quality products with a focus on ease of use.

Cobber supports Australian industry by purchasing materials from Australian companies. We supply millions of pins annually all across the country, including supplying pins to some of Australia’s largest re-vegetation projects.

Staple Gun revolutionising the global erosion control & industrial landscaping industry

After 8 years of meticulous testing and exceeding stringent functional and material standards we are proud to offer the Cobber Staple Gun – Enquire today to learn how it has Revolutionised Global Erosion Control and Industrial Landscaping sites around the world.

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We need to do our best to ensure that the trees we plant are protected from destruction and environment attrition

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