Cobber gun

Cobber gun

The only gun of its kind

  • Super lightweight – only 6.7kg
  • Works on all types of soil
  • Anti-jamming
  • Lifetime provision of complimentary repair and servicing.

Throughout time, the erosion control and industrial landscaping industries have used staple pins that are manually hammered into the ground. This method is labour intensive and time consuming, considering each project may cover tens of thousands of square metres. The manual installation of 30-60,000 pins may take several months, resulting in high employee turnover, poor job satisfaction, and serious OHS risks.

In 2007, after supplying this niche industry with pins since 1994, Cobber worked closely with their customers and began the journey to design a superior stapling device that would reduce OHS risks and facilitate the monotonous and laborious task of installing pins. The Cobber Staple Gun has been improved and refined in the field over the last eight years, following meticulous functional handling and extensive testing by a select group of industrial landscaping installers.

The Cobber Staple Gun is a low fall rate, mechanical staple gun with the ability to work on all types of soil, is impressively light and does not jam. It has passed all 500,000 square metre challenges, in earth varying from soft to reasonably rocky. The Cobber Staple Gun has been a game-changer in the industry, providing relief to landscapers who were frustrated with imported, poorly designed staple guns that failed to deliver in real-world rural settings.

Gun Range

200mm x 33mm x 2.5mm pins available.

Technical Info


  • Largely handmade and assembled in Australia after 15 engineering tolerance checks.
  • Australian raw materials used in manufacturing of the device’s steel and aluminium.
  • High tensile, aviation-grade steel renowned for it’s strength and lightweight properties.
  • Super lightweight, only 6.7 kg.
  • Functions like a staple gun, without the use of gun powder.
  • Resistant to jamming, Positive Staple Insertion (PSI) global patent system.
  • Simple, one touch release action to fill pin cartridge. Not fiddly or time consuming.
  • Seconds to install 50-magazine cartridge, with minimal handling or down time.
  • Custom made pins for the Cobber Staple Gun.
  • Contains industrial grade plastic to mitigate wear and tear.
  • Highly specialised, precisely engineered chromoly plunger. Equivalent grade aluminium used in automotive racing, known for its ability to maintain rigidity and integrity under prolonged stress.
  • Minimal maintenance required due to the monocoque design, which minimizes moving parts and reduces wear and tear due to friction.
  • Effortlessly easy staple pin insertion system.
  • Lifetime provision of complimentary repair and servicing.
  • Maintenance ease - no requirement for device specific tools.
Cobber vs Other Stapel Guns


  • Inherent jam up of multiple pins in chamber.
  • Difficulty to load cartridges of pins.
  • Heavy weight – over 10kg.
  • Poor efficiency – pins loaded one at a time.
  • Needing forcible effort to push down and release pin – can increase risk of injury, strain, and OHS claims.

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